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Dorado Natural is a division of the Ozturk Group. It manufactures solid-liquid fertilizers, soil conditioners and animal feed additives. Due to the wide number of products available in its portfolio it can fully meet the vital needs of many sectors within the agricultural industry.

Doragro, one of its brands, provides organic, inorganic and organomineral granule, powder and liquid fertilizers, soil conditioners and mixtures. Each of them, in their own way, are highly efficient and help produce incredibly healthy products without damaging the environment, or humans, in any way whatsoever.

Doramiks, another of its brands, produces animal feed additives. These are specifically designed to produce far healthier animals by meeting all their dietary needs in terms of; vitamins, minerals, toxin binders, organic acids, multi-enzymes, antioxidiants, etc., used in a wide range of applications related to bovine and ovine breeding, poultry farming and fish farming.

With such an excellent combination of products at its disposal, Dorado Natural is able to offer the global market superb solutions, backed up by a customer service, second to none!

Its state of the art R&D, high-tech production plants and first class quality control facilities are based in Aliağa - Izmir - Turkey.

Dorado Natural fully complies with all EU rules and regulations and is ISO certified.
The Özturk Group has been operating since the beginning of the 1980s. Established by Mr Fikret Ozturk, the conglomerate constantly strives to keep its reputation for best business practice, and social responsibility, to the fore. It provides large scale employment, across a wide range of sectors, in excellent work conditions and, as a priority, protects the environment.

It also voluntarily assists many social causes. The clear intention is to proudly evolve a legacy, from which many future generations can benefit. The Ozturk Group is currently active in Petroleum Distribution, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Logistics, Agriculture, Mining and Pet Products, with a combined turnover of 11 billion US dollars.
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